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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 1953 Humes High School Yearbook Signed by Elvis Presley 3200
2 Group of Eight Sun 78 RPM Records Including Elvis Presley (4), Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins (2) and Slim Rhodes 3000
3 1955 Early Elvis Presley Signed Black-and-White Sun Records Promotional Glossy Photo 3000
4 1956 Elvis Presley 45 RPM Acetate for “Tutti Frutti” 1600
5 1956 Elvis Answers Back! Fan Magazine with Playable 78 RPM Record on the Cover 250
6 Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Second Album Elvis Presented to Elvis Presley 2100
7 1956 RCA Victor “Record Prevue” 45 RPM Acetate for Elvis Presley’s “Blue Moon” 950
8 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring 11000
9 Incredible Terry Wood Photography Archive Chronicling Elvis Presley’s September 26, 1956 Concert in Tupelo, MS - Including 43 Original Medium- and Large-Format Negatives 6500
10 1957 “World’s Greatest Showman” Award Presented to Colonel Tom Parker from Elvis Presley Bandleader Al Dvorin PASS
11 1950s Al Dvorin “The Kings Men” Bandstands Used on Stage During Elvis Presley Concerts 1100
12 1950s RCA "Nipper" Dog from Bandleader Al Dvorin – Similar to Other Period Dogs Used on Stage with Elvis Presley 550
13 Elvis Presley Souvenir Light Blue Scarf with Hilton Logo from the Collection of Bandleader Al Dvorin 425
14 Shipping Case of Prototype Elvis Presley Souvenir Medallions Sent to Al Dvorin at the Hilton Hotel, February 14, 1977, Plus Additional Large Shipping Box Addressed to Dvorin from Colonel Parker 800
15 1956 RCA Victor 45 RPM Acetate for TV GUIDE Presents Elvis Presley 700
16 Elvis Presley Owned Gold and Diamond Lion Head Ring Gifted to Charlie Hodge 30000
17 Elvis Presley Signed “Tankers” Fan Club Membership Card – Signed at the Memphis Fairgrounds 1100
18 March 31, 1957, Elvis Presley Concert Ticket Stub from Detroit, Michigan, Souvenir Photo, Elvis Sheet Music and Fan Letter 500
19 1957 Elvis Presley Signed Photo Folio - With Jailhouse Rock Advertisement on Back Cover 1900
20 1957 Colonel Tom Parker Signed Letter to Elvis Presley with Jailhouse Rock Content - Includes File Copy of Cover from 1957 Photo Folio - From the 1999 Graceland Archives Auction PASS
21 Multi-Platinum Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Album Elvis’ Golden Records Presented to Bob Miller 1400
22 Trude Forsher’s Spiral-Bound Stenographer’s Notebook with Shorthand Notes for Colonel Parker Letters Concerning Elvis Presley 200
23 Elvis Presley Signed and Inscribed “My Sincere Thanks for Everything” Promotional Photograph, Circa 1960 2000
24 File Copy of Scathing Letter from Colonel Tom Parker to Elvis Presley and His Entourage 900
25 Press Pass Ribbon for Elvis Presley’s U.S.S. Arizona Benefit 1500
26 Elvis Presley Owned White Gold and Star Sapphire Ring Gifted to Charlie Hodge 7500
27 1963 Elvis Presley Fan Response Letter and Original Envelope 225
28 Complete Set of Eight U.S. Lobby Cards for the 1962 Film Girls! Girls! Girls! - Starring Elvis Presley 200
29 1963 RCA Victor “Reference Recording” 45 RPM Double-Sided Acetate for Elvis Presley’s Songs “Do the Vega” and “The Climb” from the film Viva Las Vegas 1700
30 Elvis Presley’s 1966 Tennessee License Plate Emanating Directly from Graceland 2800
31 Elvis Presley Owned and Used Colt “Police Positive Special” .32 Caliber Pistol Gifted to Bodyguard Richard Grob 8500
32 Elvis Presley Signed and Inscribed Lee County Sheriff and Tax Collector Letterhead “To Dena from Elvis Presley” 1900
33 Two Jovial Telegrams from Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker to Colonel H.E. Knox, Production Manager for the 1966 Film Frankie & Johnny with Related Ephemera 250
34 United Artists 7-Inch Radio Spot Announcement Record for Elvis Presley’s Tickle Me 650
35 1968 RCA Shipping Case with 20 Unplayed Copies of Elvis Presley’s 45 RPM Single “Guitar Man” 375
36 1967 Elvis Presley “Special Christmas Program” Reel-to-Reel – Including Sell Sheet 800
37 Elvis Presley Cross Pen and Pencil Boxed Set - VIP Promotional Gift from RCA and “Elvis and the Colonel” 500
38 1969 Invoice from IC Costume Company for Elvis Presley 475
39 Elvis Presley Owned 1911 $2 1/2 Indian Head Gold Coin Ring Gifted to Charlie Hodge 7500
40 Elvis Presley’s Receipts from Harry Levitch Jewelers from April and May 1967 250
41 Elvis Presley’s “Presidential Library” of Three Books 1500
42 1970 Elvis Presley Signed Mercedes-Benz Purchase Agreement, Signed Application for Credit and Carbon Copy of Insurance Form 0
43 1970 RIAA Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Single “Don’t Cry Daddy” Presented to RCA 1100
44 1971 Holiday Letter from Colonel Parker to Elvis Presley’s Fans Referencing November Tour 175
45 Elvis Presley Owned “Rainfall” Pattern, Button-Down, Dress Shirt - Gifted to Elvis’ Longtime Hairdresser Homer “Gill” Gilleland 4200
46 January 26, 1972, Elvis Presley Hilton/International Opening Night “Hanging Banner” Invitation 1700
47 1972 RCA In-House Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Single “Burning Love” Awarded to Ernie Ruggieri 850
48 Elvis Presley Payroll and Expense Fund Blank Check 375
49 Platinum Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Album Aloha from Hawaii Presented to Elvis Presley for Selling “More Than 1,000,000 Copies” 7500
51 Vernon Presley and Dee Presley Signed Autograph Book Page in Framed Display PASS
52 1974 “Elvis Presley Tour” Diary Written by Comedian Jackie Kahane 475
53 Mike McGregor’s Handcrafted “TCB” Necklace in Elvis Presley Style, Circa 1980 550
54 1974 Houston Livestock Show Program Featuring Elvis Presley - With Original Snapshot from Concert 400
55 1974 Houston Rodeo Poster Featuring Elvis Presley 2300
56 Elvis Presley Owned Blue Munsingwear Pajama Top Given to Girlfriend Shelia Ryan 2500
57 Elvis Presley Owned White Factor/Rothschild Pajama Top Given to Girlfriend Shelia Ryan 1900
58 Elvis Presley Stage-Worn Scarf Given to a Fan at the December 31, 1975 Pontiac Silverdome Concert - Accompanied by Two Tickets, Souvenir Photo and Photo Folio, Button and 18 Photos of Elvis Performing 2100
59 1977 RIAA Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley’s Album Elvis in Concert Presented to RCA 1500
60 Collection of Eight Original Associated Press Story Hardcopies from August 17, 18 & 20, 1977 Reporting on the Death of Elvis Presley - Direct from the AP Wire 700
61 Elvis Presley Owned Gold and Diamond “Pyramid” Ring Gifted to Charlie Hodge 6500
62 1962 Elvis Presley Film-Worn Boxing Gloves from Kid Galahad - Emanating from a Member of the Mirisch Family* 9500
63 1962 Kid Galahad Sweater Worn by Elvis Presley Co-Star Joan Blackman - Emanating From a Member of the Mirisch Family* 2900
64 1962 Collection of Eight Original On-Set Snapshots Taken of Elvis Presley in the Ring for Kid Galahad* 450
65 Topaz and Silver Bracelet Gifted by Elvis Presley to His Blue Hawaii and Kid Galahad Co-Star Joan Blackman* 2000
66 1955 Elvis Presley and Bill Black Signed Early Promotional Photo* 1500
67 1950s Elvis Presley TV Guide Collection of Three Issues - Coinciding with His First Appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show* PASS
68 1956 English Love Me Tender Poster - Unusual Size* 225
69 1950s Original 35mm Negatives of Elvis Presley Jam Session with Scotty Moore* 5000
70 1956 Love Me Tender Half Sheet Movie Poster - Elvis Presley’s Film Debut!* 550
71 1955 Elvis Presley Super-Size Pictorial Personal Appearance Contract in Framed Display* 1200
72 1957 Elvis Presley Signed “This is Hollywood” Publication* 1500
73 1958 and 1959 Letters from Colonel Parker to Vernon and Elvis Presley While Stationed in Germany* PASS
74 Trude Forsher Archive Including Promotional Photos and Ephemera from Her Estate* 5000
75 1959 Elvis Presley Signed Postal Receipt – Signed While in the Army* 1500
76 Telegram Sent to Elvis Presley While in Basic Training Urging Him to Tell Sammy Davis, Jr. to Start Doing His Elvis Impression Again!* 1100
77 May 1960 Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra TV Magazine in Framed Display* 550
78 1960s Elvis Presley Promotional Poster* PASS
79 Blue Hawaii Album Cover and Promotional Hang Tag “Ornament” with Lei and Note Signed by Al Dvorin in Framed Display* 350
80 1961 Elvis Presley Signed Hawaiian Village Hotel Notepad Sheet in Framed Display with Two Tickets and Article From Bloch Arena Show to Benefit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial* 2000
81 1961 Promotional Tiki Cup for the Elvis Presley Film Blue Hawaii* 650
82 1962 Armed Forces Records 33 1/3 LP with “Good Luck Charm” by Elvis Presley* 1700
83 1963 Elvis Presley One-Sheet Military Issue Movie Poster for Blue Hawaii* 500
84 1964 Roustabout Australian Daybill Movie Poster - Starring Elvis Presley* 500
85 Elvis Presley NSS 35mm Movie Trailer Collection with Paradise, Hawaiian Style, Spinout, and Elvis on Tour* 600
86 1965 Elvis Presley Promotional Poster by June Kelly* 200
87 Hill and Range Demo Acetate for “My Bittersweet” Sent to Elvis Presley at Circle G Ranch* 225
88 Harum Scarum Window Card Poster Starring Elvis Presley* 175
89 1966 Elvis Presley Christmas Card Mailed from Graceland - with Original Mailing Envelope and Snapshots of Graceland at Christmas* 350
90 1967 Clambake Belgian Movie Poster - Starring Elvis Presley* 300
91 Spinout Half Sheet Movie Poster - Starring Elvis Presley* 450
92 Elvis Presley Record Store Poster Pair for Spinout LP and Single* 650
93 Elvis Presley "’68 Comeback Special" Promotional Poster - With Rare Mailing Envelope* 1600
94 Elvis Presley Owned Lion Figural Bookend - from His Beverly Hills Home on Hillcrest Drive* 3800
95 Elvis Presley Owned Scarf – Brown Scarf with Gold Scarf Holder* 1300
96 Stay Away, Joe Window Card Poster - Starring Elvis Presley* 300
97 1969 International Hotel Special Opening Night Gift Box From Elvis Presley And the Colonel* 1500
98 1969-70 Las Vegas International Hotel Elvis Presley Hanging Banner Collection of Four* 850
99 1969 Las Vegas International Hotel Restaurant Beer Pitcher and 12 Beer Steins* 500
100 Elvis Presley’s Leather Horseback Riding Quirt (Whip) Given to Mike McGregor* 1800
101 Elvis Presley Personally Owned and Worn Red Scarf Gifted to Alvena Roy, Longtime Cook at Graceland* 4000
102 “Elvis Presley Show” White Tour Jacket Owned by Joe Esposito - A Rarely Seen Early Version* 2000
103 Elvis Presley White Button-Down Shirt with Blue Circles Pattern* 2700
104 Very Rare Elvis Presley Tour Bright Orange “TCB” Men’s Blazer* 1900
105 1970 Jaycees “Ten Outstanding Young Men” Award Program – Featuring Elvis Presley* 500
106 1971 Elvis Presley “Summer Festival” Pinback Button Pair from Las Vegas International Hotel and Sahara Tahoe* 150
107 1970s Las Vegas Hilton Elvis Presley Summer Festival Round Promotional Ceiling Hanger Sign* 1200
108 1970s Las Vegas Hilton Room Keys to the “Elvis Presley” Suite* 1200
109 1970s Elvis Presley Signed Photo Taken at Hillcrest Drive Home* 3200
110 1970s Elvis Presley Union 76 Gas Gold Card* 2700
111 1970s Las Vegas Hilton and International Hotel and Sahara Tahoe Menu and Folio Collection – More than 25 Pieces with Variations* PASS
112 1970s Las Vegas Hilton and International Hotel Souvenir Collection - More than 100 Pieces* 1800
113 1970s Red West Tennessee Karate Institute Black Belt Certificate Signed by Elvis Presley and Ed Parker* 2300
114 1971 Elvis Presley 4th Degree Black Belt Card with Letter from Ed Parker and Elvis’ Kenpo Karate Handbook - Emanating from Graceland* 2700
115 Elvis Presley Signed Firearm Transaction Record – November 28, 1971* 3800
116 1970s Sahara Tahoe Elvis Presley Huge Round Promotional Ceiling Hanger Sign* 3000
117 Original Blank “Elvis Presley Show” Gold Identification Badge Card* 850
118 1971 Building Permits for Graceland Security Guard Shacks and Associated Security Items* 500
119 “Elvis In Concert” Backstage Passes in Framed Display* 550
120 1971 Original Charcoal Portrait of Elvis Presley* 250
121 1972 Advertising Archive for Elvis on Tour Detailing Promotional Plan for the Film* 400
122 1972 Elvis Presley 30-Sheet Billboard Promoting the Elvis Summer Festival at the Las Vegas Hilton with Letter to Elvis from Colonel Parker Referencing the Billboard and Other Ephemera* 2800
123 1970s Labor Costs Document and Member Passes for the 1973 Elvis Presley Show* 400
124 Shipping Box for Demo Recordings from The Stamps Quartet to Elvis Presley* 150
125 1973 Elvis Presley 6th Degree Black Belt Gold Membership Card* 1900
126 Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley Signed Divorce Document* 3400
127 Elvis Presley Personally Owned Blue Suede Jacket* 3800
128 Elvis Presley Hound Dog Stuffed Toy Thrown from the Stage by Elvis to a Fan* 900
129 1974 Elvis Presley Jewelry Receipt Collection with Vernon Presley Signed Check* 650
130 1974 Elvis Presley Sahara Tahoe “Elvis in Concert” Site Poster – Possibly Only Copy in Existence* 2000
131 1974 Elvis Presley Mylar Poster Sign Collection Produced By Flashbacks* 500
132 1974 Elvis Presley Stage-Worn Scarf Handed to a Fan from the Stage – Rare Dark Blue Scarf with Gold “Elvis Presley” Facsimile Signature* 1500
133 One-of-a-Kind May 27, 1974 Sahara Tahoe Elvis Prelsey Promotional Poster - “Monday Morning 3 A.M.” Show* 950
134 Pair of Boxcar Posters from Artwork of Elvis Presley by Loxi Sibley (Both Versions)* 250
135 1974 Sahara Tahoe “Elvis Drink Specials” Menu Poster* 1600
136 1975 “Elvis Pre Holiday Concerts” Poster from the Las Vegas Hilton* 400
137 Black Kaftan Robe Gifted by Elvis Presley to Larry Gellar’s Wife Celeste* 3400
138 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert - Las Vegas Hilton, February 22, 1973, Midnight Show, and February 23, 1973, Midnight Show* PASS
139 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert - Las Vegas Hilton, August 22, 1972, Midnight Show and August 23, 1972, Midnight Show* PASS
140 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Lake Tahoe Sahara, May 6, 1973, Midnight Show and May 7, 1973, Midnight Show* 500
141 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, September 2, 1973, Midnight Show* PASS
142 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, September 3, 1973, Midnight Show* PASS
143 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, February 2, 1974, Midnight Show and February 3, 1974, Midnight Show* PASS
144 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Lake Tahoe Sahara, May 26, 1974, Midnight Show and May 25, 1974, Midnight Show* 500
145 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Lake Tahoe Sahara, May 27, 1974, Special 3 AM Mother’s Day Show* PASS
146 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, September 1, 1974, Midnight Show and September 2, 1974, Midnight Show (Both Partial Shows)* PASS
147 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Lake Tahoe Sahara, October 13, 1974, 10 PM Dinner Show, and March 30, 1975, Midnight Show* PASS
148 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, March 31, 1975, Midnight Show and April 1, 1975, Midnight Show (Closing Show)* PASS
149 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, December 12, 1975, 10 PM Dinner Show and December 13, 1975, Midnight Show (Both Partial)* PASS
150 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, December 14, 1975, 10 PM Show and Lake Tahoe Sahara, May 7, 1976, Midnight Show* PASS
151 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, December 10, 1976* PASS
152 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert - Lake Tahoe Sahara, May 8, 1976, Midnight Show and May 9, 1976, 10 PM Show (Both Partial)* PASS
153 Cassette Recording of Elvis Presley Live in Concert – Las Vegas Hilton, December 11, 1976, Midnight Show and December 12, 1976, Midnight Show (Closing Night – Partial Show)* 250
154 Las Vegas Hilton “SOLD OUT” Banner for Elvis Presley’s December 2-12, 1975 Engagement - Rare Survivor* PASS
155 1975 International Brotherhood of Police Letter to Elvis Presley* 500
156 Elvis Presley “Chairman of the Board” Business Card for Presley’s Center Courts* 450
157 1976 Elvis Presley Custom “E. P.” Guitar Pick and “Charlie Hodge” Guitar Pick with Charlie-Signed Snapshot* 1400
158 1976 Elvis Presley Stage-Worn Blue Scarf Given to a Fan from the Stage at the Las Vegas Hilton* 1700
159 Rockin’ Robin’s Squirt Gun from the May 8, 1976 Sahara Tahoe Elvis Presley Squirt Gun Fight – Referenced in Inside Elvis* 500
160 1978 Colonel Parker Signed “Always Elvis” Festival Ticket and Memorabilia Plus Joe Esposito Signed Elvis “Prayer Card”* 550
161 1977 Vernon Presley Signed Condolence Thank You Card and other Personal Effects* 900
162 1977 Elvis Presley Souvenir Hound Dog Stuffed Toy* 325
163 Elvis Presley Concert Scarf and Ephemera Collection Sold to Fans from the Company that Supplied His Scarves, Entertainment Wardrobe Services* 325
164 eBay Shirt Signed by 30+ Elvis Presley Co-Stars and Friends* 600